Hitachi Construction Machinery is a subdivision of the Hitachi Company of Japan. Hitachi was founded by an electrical engineer named Namihei Odaira in 1910. The business started out as a repair shop for electric motors but soon began manufacturing motors for use in the mining industry. Through the years, Hitachi expanded into many different arenas, including construction equipment.

Hitachi Construction manufactures equipment for the construction, mining, and forestry industries. Their line of products includes utility excavators, compact excavators, wheeled excavators, mining excavators, shovels, foresters, and haul trucks.

Hitachi partnered with John Deere in 1998, and since 2002 much of their marketing in the United States has been handled by John Deere. Hitachi and John Deere often use common parts, support programs, etc. Hitachi Construction Machinery continues to focus its design and manufacturing on excavators and haulers that are durable and efficient.

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