Airman is the brand name for Hokuetsu Industries Co., Ltd. of Japan. In the construction industry, the Airman brand is most often associated with mini excavators and scissor lifts, as well as air compressors and generators. Through the years they have won multiple awards related to the energy conservation of their machines and environmentally-friendly aspects of their factories. Their design focus includes clean air, energy efficiency, and power.

Hokuetsu was founded in 1938 and specialized in stationary compressors with the the military as their primary client. However, they switched to an emphasis on civilian products in 1946. Airman was adopted as one of their brand names in 1954, around the same time that their compressors became competitive with American and European made models. They began to market mini excavators in 1981 and scissor lifters in 2006. Their mini excavators remain very popular today, with their most current models offering a zero-tail swing design.

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