Identifying Bobcat T-Series Final Drives

It’s not always easy to figure out exactly what Bobcat final drive you have. These guidelines will help you correctly identify your Bobcat T190 final drive or your Bobcat T300 final drive. These Bobcat T190 and T300 final drives can be used in a few other Bobcat T-Series loaders as well; please refer to the list below for all confirmed fitments:

The Bobcat T190 motor will also fit in Bobcat T140, T180, and T550 loaders.

The Bobcat T300 motor will also fit in Bobcat T200, T250, T320, T630, T750, and T770 loaders.

Identifying a T190 Final Drive

The T190 family includes the T140, T180, T190, and T550 motors. If you need a final drive from the T190 family, we’ll need to know three identifying features: Ports, Sprocket Bolts, and Noses. Please check these three items carefully. You will be responsible for proper identification of your motor and any additional shipping charges if the wrong motor is shipped out.

T190 Four Port Drive

If you only have 4 hydraulic lines going to your final drive motor, you have a 4-port drive. Here’s a picture for reference:

If you do have a 4-port drive, also check to see how many bolts there are on the sprocket. Do you have 12 sprocket bolts or six sprocket bolts? See the picture below for reference:

Bobcat T190 4-port 12-bolt vs 6-bolt final drive

T190 Five Port Drive

If you have 5 hydraulic lines, the 5th hydraulic port can be found on the bottom of the drive on the flat cover plate that is held on by 24 bolts, as shown below:

If you have a 5-port final drive, you will need to determine if it has a short nose (which is actually an outdated version) or a regular nose. It is easy to determine with a simple measurement, as shown below:

regular nose short nose t190 bobcat

Identifying a T300 Final Drive

The T300 family includes the T200, T250, T300, T320, T630, T750, and T770 motors. If you need a final drive from the T300 family, we’ll only need to know whether it has a long nose or a short nose. Here is a picture for comparison:

T300 long nose short nose


The easiest way to tell whether your drive has a short nose or a long nose is by using the “finger test”, which we’ll describe below.

T300 Short Nose Drive

Place your fingers along the space between your final drive’s axle and inner hub. If you can just about fit three fingers in that space, your drive motor is a short nose model. You can see this in the picture below:

T300 Long Nose Drive

The T300 family’s long nose model will be able to fit four fingers between its axle and inner hub. Take a look at the pictures of the T300 motor below for reference:

If you can’t quite tell from the finger test, another way to identify your T300 final drive nose is by looking at the thickness of the sprocket. Take a look at the picture below for comparison:

T300 long short nose measurement comparison

That’s all!

If you’re still having trouble identifying your Bobcat T-Series final drive, you can always call us or send us pictures of your drive. We’d be glad to help you identify your T-Series motor.