Spec Sheets

Sometimes, we ask you to fill out one of these spec sheets. Please make your measurements carefully so that we can give you the correct fitment for your motor.

Spec sheet for final drive measurements

Blank Spec Sheet

Bobcat Measurements

If you don’t know the exact version of the Bobcat T190 or T300 you need, we will need to know the type of port, sprocket, and nose it has. Refer to the “Identifying Bobcat T-Series Final Drives” page to know what to check. 


All of our products come with a comprehensive warranty.

All new final drives and pumps come with a 2-year, unlimited-hour warranty on parts and labor.

All remanufactured final drives come with a 1-year, unlimited-hour warranty on parts and labor.

Proper installation and maintenance required or your warranty is void!

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