Kobelco Construction Machinery manufactures equipment for the construction, mining, and demolition industries, specializing in excavators and cranes. The Kobelco line of excavators includes mini excavators, full size excavators, and demolition machines.

Kobelco is the brand name for Kobe Steel, Ltd. in Japan, founded in 1905. In 1930 they manufactured the first mining shovel in Japan, followed afterwards by the first Japanese pile hammer in 1954 and the first Japanese wheel-type hydraulic excavator in 1963. The Kobelco international trademark was established in 1979. By 1997 they had merged with Yutani Heavy Industries to form the Kobelco Construction Machinery Co.

Through the years, Kobelco continued to grow and evolve their excavator designs, introducing their Beetle mini-excavator in 1996. In 2006, they debuted an environmentally conscious hybrid excavator and reduce fuel consumption of their other excavators by 20%. They continue to combine power, efficiency, and environmental consciousness in their excavator designs.

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