AUSA is a Spanish manufacturer of equipment for material handling, load transportation, and concrete production. Their line of products, serving both the construction and agricultural industries, includes dumpers, mixers, forklifts, taurulifts, and compact industrial vehicles.

AUSA started in 1956 as a microcar company, which probably explains their innovative approach to equipment design and functionality. The company’s original name was Cars Utility Company (AUSA) and the first brand name was PTV. They branched out into construction equipment in 1961 with their first dumper. They began to expand further, adding forklifts to their line of products in 1971 and multi-service vehicles in 1982. In 2000, they launched a line of all-terrain forklifts.

The company has received 8 awards for innovation and is considered one of the best places to work in Spain. Their equipment reflects their commitment to quality, invention, and durability and is sold in over 80 countries on five different continents.

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