The Link-Belt Construction Equipment specializes in the manufacture of cranes and excavators. It was founded in 1880 as the Link-Belt Machinery Company by a man named William Dana Ewart. The company name comes, in part, from the patented square detachable chain belt system he developed for use in harvester equipment.

In 1939, Link-Belt purchased the Speeder Machinery Corp., which was responsible for the first wheel-mounted excavator. This purchase added excavators and crane-shovels to their product line. This resulted in the Link-Belt Speeder Corporation. Joint ventures were formed with FMC, Sumitomo, and CASE equipment. Link-Belt excavators and forestry equipment are now sold by the LBX Company.

Link-Belt cranes include rough terrain, telescopic truck, all terrain, lattice crawler, lattice truck, and telescopic crawler cranes. The LBX Company sells excavators and specialized equipment for forestry, demolition, and material handling.

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