Yanmar is a Japanese company originally named YAMAOKA HATSUDOKI KOSAKUSHO and founded in 1912. The brand name Yanmar was not adopted until 1921. Originally focusing on oil and gas engines, they branched out into diesel engines in 1930 and began a reputation for major innovation. In the late 1940s they began to manufacture marine engines.

It wasn’t until 1966 that Yanmar ventured into agricultural equipment with their diesel powered tiller series. Then, in 1971, they began to manufacture mini excavators. In 2004 they officially established Yanmar Construction Equipment Co., Ltd., further solidifying their contributions to the construction equipment market.

The Yanmar brand has long been associated with quality, powerful machines including excavators, skid steers, track loaders, tracked carriers, and wheel loaders for the construction industry. For those involved in agricultural, Yanmar manufactures several lines of versatile tractors including tracked models. The Yanmar motto is “a sustainable future” and the engineering and design of their products reflects it quite well.

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