Why Eaton Hydraulic Motors?

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Why do Eaton?

The Eaton Power Advantage

Eaton's Awards

As a company, Eaton has won awards for best employer, sustainability, innovation, wellness, inclusion & diversity, and ethics, as well as awards for individual products from notables such as Kenworth, PACCAR Parts, and John Deere.

Eaton's Products

Eaton manufactures several lines of high quality hydraulic motors for use in the construction, mining, forestry, and agriculture industries for machines ranging in size from 1.5 ton to 50 ton.  They are also the supplier for several makes of heavy equipment and construction equipment, both domestic and international.

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Eaton Distinctives

Torque Density

One distinctive feature that sets Eaton’s line of hydraulic motors apart from the competition is torque density:  a measure of the torque-carrying capability of a component in a given weight and space envelope.  By focusing on torque density as a key parameter and performance measure, Eaton hydraulic motors and final drives can provide extended equipment life due to better matched components.

Customer Pain Points

In addition, Eaton works hard to address their customer’s pain points.  For example, Eaton, like Texas Final Drive, knows that time literally is money for you and that once your equipment fails you need it up and running as soon as possible.  For that reason, Eaton’s delivery time is ½ that of their competition and they carry more motors in stock than their competition.


Eaton is very committed to integrity and global ethics.  They are so committed, in fact, that Eaton has established their own code of ethics governing how they interact with others worldwide and a compliance department to aid their employees in upholding that code.


Eaton’s full line of hydraulic motors is backed by decades of proven reliability and performance under the toughest conditions and in the harshest environments.  Eaton hydraulic motors are widely being integrated into excavation equipment in industries including construction, drilling, forestry, agriculture, mining and more…

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Construction Industry - Eaton Hydraulic Drive Motors
Drilling Industry - Eaton Hydraulic Drive Motors
Forestry Industry - Eaton Hydraulic Drive Motors
Eaton Hydraulic motor chart

How To Select the Right Motor for Your Application?

There are many factors to consider when choosing the right motor for the job. But, where’s the best place to get started? Right here, by considering both torque and speed. Torque is the “turning power” of the motor.

Eaton’s motor solutions are divided into several divisions based on the type of motor and other technical details like speed and torque.  By determining speed and torque requirements first, though, you can use the chart to determine which Eaton motor category works best for your application.

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Eaton’s full line of hydraulic motors is backed by decades of proven reliability and performance under the toughest conditions and in the harshest environments.

What customers say

“Eaton is helping to power business worldwide.”

“While Eaton’s 10,000 Series motor served us well for many years, we really like the updated features of the HP30 motor. The HP30’s 60/40 split of torque and speed better meets our needs for mud rotary drilling versus the 50/50 split of the 10,000 Series.”
Steve Jurshak | SIMCO Director of EngineeringDirector

“Eaton and Spencer Fluid Power developed the hydraulic system for a fully electronic Blueline machine that reduced harvest losses by 50 percent on its proof of concept test … This significant reduction in harvest loss gives our customers confidence that they can expect a return on their investment soon after purchasing the machine.”
Gregg Marrs | President, Blueline Manufacturing Company