Our highly-skilled technicians have worked with literally thousands of final drives, hydraulic motors, and pumps.  Their knowledge goes beyond books and into hands-on experience with the same motors and pumps that run your equipment.  Our technicians have worked with everything from the most common Rexroth drives to the more exotic and rare models and brands that many of our competitors will shy away from working on.

Our technicians know what to expect when a drive comes in from the field, and can get it cleaned, disassembled, and diagnosed quickly and efficiently.  In fact, they often can accurately diagnosis your problems with just a description of what went wrong.  However, our technicians know to take nothing for granted and will leave no proverbial stone unturned in the search for what went wrong with your motor or pump.

Once they have determined the cause of the problems, they will contact you with that information along with a competitive estimate for the cost of repairs or remanufacture.


You can send us your final drive and we will degrease and clean the exterior, disassemble the drive, diagnose the problem(s), and fax you an estimate of the cost of repair within the most efficient amount of time of its arrival at our facility.  Our technicians have diagnosed, repaired, rebuilt, and remanufactured thousands of final drive motors.  We will get to the bottom of your problem, no matter how obscure and unexpected it might be.  We won’t stop until we know everything that went wrong.

Once we get the go ahead from you, your drive will be repaired by our experienced technicians and shipped back to you.  Our technicians have access to a large inventory of high-quality to reduce your downtime.  Finally, all drives are thoroughly tested for quality and performance before they are shipped back to you.

Remanufacture and Rebuild

We have full capabilities to remanufacture your final drive and restore it to original factory specifications.  While many companies offer rebuilt motors, which area not the same level of quality as remanufactured motors, our commitment to quality led us to skip rebuilt and go straight to reman.

During the rigorous remanufacturing process, your final drive is thoroughly de-greased, cleaned, and disassembled.  Every component is inspected by our experienced technicians, who will assess whether it should be replaced or reconditioned.  Any replacement parts are high quality from the OEM.   After the drive is reassembled, it is thoroughly tested then painted and shipped back to you. The result is a final drive that is like new at a fraction of the cost with a one-year warranty covering parts and labor.

Our technicians have access to all the equipment they need to clean, restore, resurface, lap, bore, and recertify the components in your final drive.  They also have access to our large inventory of brand new, high-quality parts.  When it comes time for testing, we have all the test benches needed to make sure your final drive has been restored to original factory specifications.

We are so convinced of the high quality of our remanufactured drives and motors that we stand behind them with an industry first one-year warranty covering parts and labor.

Parts and Inventory

We also have a large inventory of new, quality parts and components for final drives and hydraulic motors.  Keeping a large inventory like this on hand facilitates our ability to repair and remanufacture drives as quickly as possible by eliminating excessive wait times for out-of-stock parts.   We also sell parts for those companies that prefer to handle repairs and maintenance in-house.

We never use low-quality generic parts; instead, we establish relationships with manufacturers known for their quality and make sure that we use only the best parts in your equipment.

We have an excellent inventory of new and remanufactured final drives covering various brands and models.  These motors are in-stock and ready to ship.  We work hard to keep the models that are in most demand on hand for our customers to minimize their down time.

Testing and Diagnostics

We have the hydraulic testing equipment needed to diagnose, assess, and benchmark the performance of your motors and pumps.  Not only that, but we have technicians with the combined knowledge and experience to run the tests, take full advantage of the capabilities of our testing equipment, correctly interpret the test results, and use those results to guarantee the best performance you can get out of your final drive.

Our testing capabilities include axial and radial flow hydraulic pumps and motors, including both fixed and variable flow.  We perform pneumatic leak detection, calibration inspection, hydraulic performance testing that includes idle test, load test, case drain flow, brake engage and release pressure, RPM performance, and, if applicable, dual speed performance. All test results are documented in real time for traceability.


Our customer support doesn’t end with the repair or the sale. Our knowledgeable sales and technical staff will be happy to consult with you on questions concerning sales, diagnosis, parts, repairs, installation, removal, or identification of final drives and hydraulic motors.  With their combined years of experience and specialized knowledge in the area of final drives and hydraulic motors, you will have a hard time coming up with a question they can’t find the answer for.

Our sales team is available by phone, fax, email, and online live chat during regular business hours.  They are ready and willing to communicate with you in order to make sure your equipment needs are met in a timely fashion.

Texas Final Drive Sales and Support

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